How important is experience when hiring a DJ?


I believe that experience is definitely key for an event when you are hiring a DJ. For example your DJ needs to know what to do in every situation and how to react to those situations. If something goes wrong an experienced DJ has most likely already been through it before and the DJ will know how to react and not only react but correct something that has gone wrong.

Two examples in my experience are once the food was not ready at a wedding and the wedding planner was flustered and told me to just keep the music going. So I basically had to entertain a little longer then I was expected to and was able to figure out how to keep the party alive instead of it dying out and having people not be happy.

Another time a wedding party was not lined up correctly for announcements but knowing from doing a lot of weddings before I had my assistant take over. When I went out to the reception hall I went down my list and made sure everyone was in the correct order so that it could go smoothly.

If you are going to do a wedding or corporate event they are very similar in the sense that you need to know how to MC make announcements and stay on time. You have to keep everything going and running smoothly the dinner, cocktail and dancing has a certain flow. The DJ’s job is to make sure that everything goes on time and on schedule.

Now a music festival there is nothing announcement wise it is more about keeping people happy with music. As a DJ you need to know how to loosen up when it comes to a music festival these are some of the small things that people do not look at when hiring a DJ. An experienced DJ will know what questions to ask because they have been in these situations before.

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