How to hire a DJ


FIND OUT WHAT YOU WANT IN A DJ: First thing you want to find out about a DJ your will potentially going to interview is their style of DJing if it is for a wedding you might want to know how much experience they may have.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK: I would advise to do your homework online fore interviewing your DJ. Read reviews online once you have a list of lets say your top four you want to set up an interview with them either by sitting down with them or speaking over the phone.

DO NOT MAKE A QUICK DECISION: A lot of times people make a decision because of price or how quickly someone responds to their email. I would advise to take the time to interview all the options on your list because there could be that one DJ that one DJ that is perfect fit with your style of music, personality or experience for your event. Everyone has something different in what they are looking for.

CONNECT WITH YOUR DJ: If you are working with someone for your wedding and on your wedding day you want it to be with someone you feel you connect with almost immediately because if you do no make a connection in your meeting or phone call it will be hard to connect with them on the day of your event.

I believe a good DJ not only has good DJ skills but skills to get to know the person they are hosting the event for and find out what they want and what they are expecting from their DJ.

MAKE SURE YOUR DJ CARES: You want to make sure they care about your event and that they care about what they are getting themselves into. If they do not care enough to try to get to know you and answer your questions that is a red flag in my opinion because they may not be able to deliver what you are expecting from them. What you want to expect from them is a nice personable event where people are interacting and getting to know each other through music.

It is the DJ’s job to get everyone on the dance floor to get on the microphone get people involved and if they did not make an effort in your initial meeting they will not be able to make that happen on your big day.

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