Where to find a DJ


The best place to look for a DJ I believe is recommendations from people you know. That is the number one way to get a DJ because you want to go reliable source someone that you know and trust. You may even want to get a recommendation from someone you attended their wedding and you heard the DJ perform and you know what that DJ is capable of. I would say this is my first recommendation because it is so traditional it is the best way to go its like you can not miss.

Another way would be Weddingwire.com you can find any wedding vendor on wedding wire. You can read the reviews online and you can feel like you know their past clients. Yelp.com is also another a good online source to use to find your DJ.

The preferred vendor list at your venues is also key they will have had experience working with these DJ’s and other vendors. This also goes for wedding planners they may have a preferred vendor list that they like working with. Another great way to find a DJ for example could be  lets say you hired your florist and you connect with them and get along great or are already friends with them. They may have a recommendation for a DJ they may have worked with in the past If you already like this person then you will most likely like the people they refer you to.

If you are going to have an event such as a corporate event or music festival depending on what you are looking for entertainment wise and you choose to get a DJ I would definitely recommend going with reviews online. Again using sites such as Yelp.com or any recommendation by word of mouth you want to know what audience your looking to get so you know what kind of DJ you want to get. Our team has guys that are great on different levels, guys who are great at Spanish music, 80’s music or one that cover all kinds of different genres.

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