Advice about Pricing


When people reach out to me something they always talk about is pricing. I would say that based on your venue you may need a lot of sound or a little bit of sound and this will definitely change the price of the DJ. Most of the time the DJ will include their equipment such as sound systems and lighting. Some places that are all inclusive will already have a system included in the venue which should bring the price down for the DJ because they would only need to bring their basic equipment such as turntables,mixer and music.

I worked a venue at a winery that was a large property and required a lot of sound systems because of the different areas the event was using. The areas included the ceremony, reception and cocktail on all different sides of the property so for something like this do not be surprised if the price goes up for something like this.

I like to advise my clients that on this day it is not like you get a redo if it does not go right, so when people are shopping for their DJ they will come across a lot of options. Some options may be something that will bundle your photo booth, DJ, lighting and sound at a lower price and you may save some money. But, I believe if you go with a lower price for something like this something it will be lacking in communication or professionalism you just do not get a redo for your event. I think it is important to hire someone who is experienced and confident enough to go in there and do a good job so you have a good time and memories that will last a lifetime.

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