DJ Tempest

In 1979, as the new kid in school, I asked my 4th grade teacher if I could bring some records to school to play at recess. I quickly found myself playing my 5 records over and over for 15 kids until our recess dance party was shut down by the powers that be.

Years later, during the first wave of the golden era of hip hop and my mentor Bryan Miles (DJ Eclipse) & I were quickly becoming the dynamic duo of the UCSB party scene. By 1995 I was DJing with Bryan at UCSB’s The Graduate, which was then Isla Vista’s only night club. The high point of my Club DJ career was DJing at Zelo. For almost 10 years I was the resident DJ and with the help of the Kaos Crew, DJ Hecktik, DJ Epik, DJ Docta, and our mouthpiece MC Kwik (aka K-Desil) we were able to build a legendary nightclub experience that has often been imitated but never duplicated.

After pursuing other employment opportunities while building my family, I found myself being called back into the industry and immediately fell in love with the wedding DJ business. Since my return to the industry I’ve DJ’d numerous weddings and other events and I thank God everyday for blessing me with the opportunity to put smiles on peoples’ faces for a living.

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